Date of event: 03 November 2021

Number of delegates: 56

What was your event for? 

Our first business event since Covid, for E.ON B2B Solutions, tackling strategy and plans to deliver Net Zero for our business customers.

What areas did you use in the National Space Centre and what did you do in these spaces?

The planetarium for our opening keynote speeches. This was an excellent way to engage people at the beginning and Richard was exceptionally helpful in setup and support.

The Booster rooms for our workshop sessions. These were very well spaced out and provided us ample room to deliver interactive sessions with our guests.

The room underneath the rocket, which was a great hosting place for arrival teas, coffees and danish, all break times and lunch. The food and service was excellent and our host was fantastic.

Why did you choose the National Space Centre to host your event? 

We have used this event space before and it’s a perfect setting for inspiring creative minds. The organisation, flexibility, good timing and support from all of the staff at the National Space Centre is impeccable.

This time we were particularly pleased with the care and attention the Space Centre gave to our Covid -19 protocols, which go beyond government guidelines. This allowed all of our guests to feel comfortable in returning to a face to face event safely, which was critical as our first time meeting together in the last 18 months.

How would you rate the National Space Centre?

10 out of 10. It’s a phenomenal space and event centre and the rooms, catering and service is second to none. We will definitely be using this event location in future events of this type.

Our Facilities

icon-facilities-wifi Free Wi-Fi available
icon-facilities-carparking Free on-site car parking
icon-facilities-bar Evening bar available
icon-facilities-catering In-house technical team available
icon-facilities-catering In-house catering team available