• A MARVELous Wedding
    Image Credit: Evan Chung Photography
  • A MARVELous Wedding
    Image Credit: Muschlitz Photography LLC
  • A MARVELous Wedding
    Image Credit: OohLaLaBoudoir

With my new found love of Marvel, thanks to the Dubsmash Wars being fought online by the teams from Agent Carter and Marvel’s Agents of Shield, I started looking round at what people are doing to celebrate the Marvel franchise as part of their big day.

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Geek Brides - Guest Blogger

I am a massive Geek and have been all my life (yes there were girls who believed in the Force in 1977!) I share my home and my life with a full sized Dalek, a huge Star Wars art collection and my Steampunk stand-up comedian boyfriend.

I am also very lucky to have a day job at the National Space Centre, so I am surrounded by spacey goodness all day long.

So there you have it, me in a nutshell… my blogs will be looking at all kinds of geeky weddings and can’t wait to see what you are planning, so share the love Geek Brides and come and join me on Facebook!

Image Credit: Fresh Eyes Photography
Image Credit: Fresh Eyes Photography

A MARVELous Wedding

I learnt an interesting statistic this week. Did you know over 30% of all boards on Pinterest are hidden wedding boards?

Even more interesting is that a huge proportion of those are from single people, planning their ideal dream day. With this in mind I thought I would openly share mine.

Now short of getting Stan Lee on your guest list (by the Lords of Asgard, please make that happen for me!) here are my top ten, thanks to the world wide web:

Image Credit: Kingfisher Cakes

10. Keeping Everybody Happy

So these cake creators can be found on the Wirral and if your brief is romance and Marvel for a movie going couple, this hits the nail well and truly on the head with Thor’s mighty hammer!

I spent a long time scrolling through Kingfisher Cakes images and considering this is a “home based cake maker”, this lady is creating some stunning cakes for all occasions (by the way, I don’t know them and have not received anything to say nice stuff, but if you are reading this… I LOVE CAKE 😉 )

Image Credit: Takayas Mizuno

9. One for Mary Jane

Spiderman Engagement Ring: Custom made by Takayas Mizuno this web-slinging ring is 14K white gold Spiderman Ring with diamonds, rubies, and sapphires.

The price tag might put a few people off, although the rule should be “one month’s salary”, but as this is something that says “I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you”, it should be something special that does not break the back. If it comes from the heart, I would be happy with a Hula Hoop crisp 😉

Image Credit: LilyBelleKeepsakes

8. Beat the Other Girls to THIS Bride’s Bouquet

Lily Belle Keepsakes over on Etsy is another UK based maker that is rocking the Marvel style for your wedding.

Imagine standing outside the church waiting and you need something to take your mind of the nerves.  What could be better than catching up on your latest Marvel comic book instalment.  If you take a little longer than anticipated, no need to worry, after all it is the Bride’s prerogative to be late.

Image Credit: Evan Chung Photography
Image Credit: Evan Chung Photography

7. Nariman and his boys
ready to take on the world

I have seen several versions of this, but these guys rock it! This is a great way to conceal your inner geek on the day.

I love that they have even added a subtle outer presence of their inner superhero on the ties.   Good photography is so important, so I love this image of these friends geeking out together (No Aquaman though, but then he is DC and as Sheldon and Raj agree, “Aquaman sucks”!)

Image Credit: Boutique Wedding Stationery

6. Avengers Assemble

To really get your guests involved in your geeky theme, get your tables named something fun.

This comic-themed table plan is great for any Marvel/DC fan. You could even go a step further and theme your tables after that character.

Image Credit: OohLaLaBoudoir

5. Agent Garter

Whilst wandering around on Etsy I stumbled across Ooh La La Boudoir, who make all kinds of geeky garters.

This one is in honour of the “puny God” Loki and is, as should be, very mischievous. As the lady who makes these says, “embrace your cheeky side”, so time for some geeky cheeky

Image Credit: Fresh Eyes Photography

4. The Clown Prince (and Princess) of Crime

So it seems after all these years of “will they”, “won’t they”, the Joker and Harley Quinn finally tied the knot.

This stunning bride and groom (Ryan and Ali) totally embraced their inner geek, they even invited the Batman to the party.

Image Credit: Muschlitz Photography LLC

3. Awesome Artwork

So this one is thanks to Rebecca and Justin as well (you really did an amazing job!).

There are often guest books at weddings, or even the video messages from guests in ever decreasing levels of soberness throughout the evening, but how about asking guest to sign a giant piece of Marvel art for your wall.  It is something you will then be able to have on display as a memento of those who shared your special day.

Iamge Credit: Nicole Foucheux

2. Have Fun with It!

Crystal and Gregory had a photo prop table at their comic book themed wedding.

From this picture it looks like the bride and the bridesmaids had a lot of fun with the props BEFORE the wedding! “We are both goofy and don’t take ourselves very seriously, so our wedding was definitely a reflection of that.”

Image Credit: Muschlitz Photography LLC

1. His and Hers Shoes

It is obvious that Rebecca and Justin, or at least their feet, had a Marvellous wedding.

This was just one thing they did to make their day special for them.  Hats off to a couple who added what they wanted to celebrate their love of all things comic book and movie.  I also think the idea of not taking sides is a good one, after all if all superheroes work together, the world would be a better place.

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