• Creating The Ideal Wedding Day
  • Creating The Ideal Wedding Day

The ideal wedding day can be one that is easy to create.

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Creating the

Creating the
Ideal Wedding Day

All the bride and groom have to do to create the perfect Wedding Day is take into consideration their own personal preferences for their big day and the rest will fall into place.

Casual or formal?

One of the decisions any couple has to make is how casual or formal they want their wedding to be.

Most aspects of a wedding are dictated by its theme. For example, a winter time wedding calls for the bridesmaids to wear darker, bolder shades of blue, red or a similar color whereas a spring wedding calls for lighter colors and shades. More formal weddings call for more formal attire, music and mostly posed photos of the bride, groom and wedding party.

Signature cocktails

Many couples choose to add a personal touch to their wedding day by having a signature cocktail created to be served at their reception.

The particular cocktail a couple chooses depends largely on their budget. This allows them to offer a unique drink to their guests at a reasonable cost. The signature cocktail should be one that both the bride and groom enjoy. It should ideally reflect both of their tastes.

Wedding Cake

Ordering the wedding cake is another aspect of the wedding that is closely related to its theme and the time of year the wedding is being held, as well as the number of guests in attendance.

Couples looking to save money on their wedding cake will often have a small cake created for display and cutting purposes while having a separate sheet cake to be sliced and handed out to guests. The reason for this is that the more guests a wedding has, the more tiers the wedding cake usually has, and with each tier the cake becomes more expensive.


Décor is also an important part of any wedding day. The way in which the ceremony and reception venues are decorated is somewhat dependent on the size of the venue itself.

Couples will find that the smaller the venue is the fewer pieces of decoration they will need to use. The theme of the wedding also very much dictates its décor, as a summer time wedding is often much more casual than a wedding during the colder months of the year.

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Carefully chosen

Carefully chosen

In addition to decorating for the wedding reception, and providing drinks and cake, couples need to ensure that the dishes served are of the highest quality.

Many venues that host weddings and receptions provide their own in house catering. Couples can sit down with a venue and carefully choose the dishes they wish to serve their guests. The most trustworthy caterers will provide couples with a tasting of the dishes that would be served at their wedding. This helps couples make the important decision of what to feed their guests.

There are many venues that one would not typically associate with holding a wedding at, including the National Space Centre.

Choosing the venue is among the most important part of planning weddings.

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