• Space Theme Wedding
  • Space Theme Wedding
  • Space Theme Wedding

Do you and your betrothed share a love of the stellar silence of space?

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Creating the

Creating the
Ideal Wedding Day

If you’re looking to incorporate a space theme to your wedding with beautiful touches, here are some out-of-this world ideas!

First, the venue. You could check out fun and interesting places to host your event like a Planetarium or the National Space Centre. Setting the mood by getting married underneath giant rockets will gear your guests up for a fun and unforgettable party!


Setting the mood for the wedding is most easily done by sending invitations that give guests a taste of what to expect.

A lovely constellation invitation combines elegance and a space theme.

Table Numbers

Keep that theme going with the seating chart and table numbers at the reception.

with constellation table ‘numbers’ and a seating chart that spans the galaxy!


Extend the idea of stars and constellations to your bridesmaids

Choose navy blue dresses that twinkle and sparkle in the light.

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Delicious Food

There are so many great ideas for what kinds of delicious foods to have at your wedding, but definitely don’t go with ‘space food’, even in jest!

It’s a very special day, and the catering should be tailor made for you and your guests by a team of chefs. Figure out before you go for a tasting if you’d like to choose from traditional wedding buffet or a four course decadent meal with catering service.


Astro Pop Martinis

Think about going with a space that offers champagne receptions, and locally sourced food. A great idea is to have a special cocktail for the evening that you can share with your guests! Here’s a recipe that is absolutely delicious, easy to make and looks gorgeous:

In a martini shaker over ice, vigorously shake equal parts of Midori, Malibu Rum & Pineapple Juice.

You want a foamy top layer when you strain it into a martini glass. Using a very narrow pour spout to get a fine stream, drizzle about ¼ ounce of grenadine and ¼ ounce of blue curacao over the foamy top. These liqueurs layer themselves into a beautiful martini!

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