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  • Wedding Favours

Wedding favours can be the icing on the cake, excuse the pun, when it comes to leaving your guests with a lasting memory of your special day.

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This is the perfect opportunity to put your own special twist on a unique gift that really says something about your theme, you as a couple, or how you feel about your friends and family.

Gone are the days when some tooth cracking overly sweet sugared almonds in a piece of ribbon tied net was deemed to be an “industry standard”.

Below are our top ten wedding favour gifts for this summer season.

1. Hangover Rescue Tea

Ok, so you might not want your guests going home completely sozzled, but let’s face it, there may be a little tipple or two.

Giving your guests an invigorating beverage to start the morning after, will refresh their spirits, clear their heads and be a nice sober moment to relish in the memories of the night before.

2. Magic Beans

Never fear these won’t grow into giant beanstalks and lead to the giant’s castle!

But they will lead to a happily ever after for your guests, as these five beans will be laser etched with your own special message, that will last as the plants grows day after day.

3. Personalised Photo Magnets

An opportunity to get your own back for all those embarrassing photos that your “friends” have shared on your special day.

Share those special moments with your guests, so they can always think of you as they nip to the fridge for that midnight snack.

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4. Cake in a

4. Cake in a

If you are in a quandary about having a traditional cake, or a three tier cheese tower for your final course, why not have both and solve the favour issue to boot.

Cake in a can gives you the perfect gift solution and no more piece of wedding cake wrapped in a napkin in the bottom of your handbag the next day.

5. Lucky Sixpence

May your guests always be lucky and may they always keep this special gift with them to keep them fortunate and blessed.

Just like the happy couple!

6. Baby Bottles of Booze

Let’s face it, we are in the midst of a gin revolution and it is so easy to revel in it by producing your own fruit gins.

We all like to plan in advance, so get making Sloe and Damson gin now, then bottle as a very special homemade gift for your guests.

7. Give Something Special

A gift to charity will make everybody feel special on the day, so choose your favourite charity and buy pin brooches to give to your guests.

You can pick one charity, or several you feel you would like to support as a couple or family.  This way the gift of giving is shared and the warm happy glow of joy will be for all the right reasons, not just the booze.

8. Let Music be the Food of Love

Time to make a “mix tape”! Share with your friends and family the songs that mean something to you.

Depending on how creative you are, or how large your budget, you can create wallets to put the CDs in, or just nip to the supermarket and buy simple plastic cases/slips, either way, the music will sing out after the event.

9. Love

9. Love

Did you know that there are more LEGO minifigures on the planet, than any other nation race?

There are even a few in outer space! Everybody loves LEGO, so why not spend your long evenings prior to your wedding making individual LEGO minifigures for all your guests.  It will be something they treasure for ever and be a great talking feature on the night.

10. It’s All About You

The thing about a wedding favour, is that it is a gift from you to your guests. It should be something you want to give, something that is all about you.

We love these constellation jars that can be made by simply piercing a constellation map into a foil sheet, curling it round in a jam jar and dropping an LED tea light inside. They look beautiful, are simple to make and, in our case, are all about the thing we love… space.

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