We know how important food is to your event; it really does make one venue stand out from the next for your guests.

We are committed to making environmental and socially responsible decisions in all aspects of our event and catering services. Our sustainable menu strives to reduce waste, source ethically and locally, produce in house dishes and always creating fresh and delicious food for your event.


Catering conscientiously for all

Our commitment is to provide food of the highest quality without excessive waste or harm to the planet by prioritising local sourcing and minimising food waste. Our onsite catering team can create and adapt menus to suit individual dietary requirements. 

Embracing local sourcing

We understand that the shorter the distance food travels, the better it tastes and the more positive impact it has on the environment. That's why we make every effort to source ingredients locally. We align our purchases with the seasons and design our menus around this.

No more single-use plastics

To reduce our carbon footprint and limit non-recyclable waste, we have replaced single-use plastics with more sustainable alternatives such as glassware, aluminium, glass bottles and biodegradable and compostable products, whenever feasible.

Efforts to minimise waste

Drawing on our vast event experience, we have mastered the art of accurate food preparation to minimise waste. We receive menu choices in advance and produce for the quantities required.

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