Shona And Colin TOA43581 Linaandtom
  • 3rd Oct 2023

Why did you choose the National Space Centre as your wedding venue?

We wanted somewhere a bit different, and fell in love with the Space Centre as soon as we came

to have a look around. It’s beautiful, interesting, unique and memorable.

Tell us about your day and what areas in the National Space Centre did you use?

We used the Rocket Tower as the sort of gathering, chatting and bar area. We had the ceremony

in the Planetarium (awesome!!) and had our meal in the big open area with the giant globe. It
was amazing!

What extra touches did you add? 

Well now! We had a giant donut instead of a cake (as well as a wall of regular-sized donuts for snacks),

we cut the donut/cake with a big sword, and at the end of the ceremony we had the magistrate say

“you may now fist-bump the bride”. What a day!

What did your guests think about your chosen venue?

Everybody loved it. You go to quite a few weddings as you get older, but nobody had ever seen one

quite like ours! And with the exhibits open for us to explore and a show in the Planetarium as part

guests of all ages had plenty of cool stuff to do while we were off taking photos and suchlike.

Are there any tips you would offer couples planning to get married? 

It’s your wedding and you should do it your way! Make your own traditions. Do what you want to do,

and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise!

More practically speaking, use the Space Centre’s fantastically talented team to help you through the planning.

It’s not easy to organize a wedding but the team at the Space Centre were absolutely invaluable. I can’t imagine

doing it without them!